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Save The Wintersmith Train

After more than 60 years, the time has come to replace the iconic train at Wintersmith Park. The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ada, which has operated the train since 1958, is excited to take on the task of replacing not only the train, but the track and the barn that houses the train as well. It’s a bit of a snowball effect, and a bigger, better train (one that will hold about twice as many passengers as the current train AND be handicap accessible) also means a new track and barn to house it. Besides the tracks needing replacement from being worn with age, advances in the last 60 years have led to a new gauge size on trains being used, which means the current track will simply not work with the new train. The two bridges that the train crosses are also due to be replaced. All of these improvements and upgrades will ensure that the park train is meeting all safety standards and can be here for families to enjoy for another 60 years.

The Save the Train campaign is a huge project and undertaking, but a worthwhile one that is dear to many generations of Ada area families. It is also the beginning phase of a complete overhaul of the Kiddie Park. We are lucky to live in an incredible community like Ada, and with everyone’s help and support, we can make sure that many more generations get to experience the fun of an evening at the park with some popcorn from the concession stand, a game of mini golf, a ride on the carousel, and a trip (or two) around Kiddie Park on the renowned Wintersmith Train.

Below is the link that can be used to make a donation to help Save the Train, as well as the sponsorship options we have available for any businesses or individuals who want to really commit to making this amazing upgrade for the Kiddie Park a reality. We thank you so much for your time, support, and generosity in helping Save the Train!

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